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MageBridgeTM adds a bridge between Joomla! 1.5 and the Magento e-commerce platform. It allows for displaying MagentoTM content within the Joomla! component-area but also ships with Joomla! modules and Joomla!TM plugins.

The bridge uses two types of extensions: On the Joomla!-side a backend component allows you to configure the bridge, while a frontend component shows the Magento content inside the Joomla! component-area. Joomla! modules are used to show the Magento shopping cart somewhere within your Joomla! template. Also plugins are available to allow for further integration (search the catalog, user synchronization).

On the other side there is a Magento module which is called through webservices. This not only allows for flexible development, but also to have Joomla! and Magento installed on seperate servers.

* Easy templating
* Product pages and product search
* Catalog categories and layered navigation
* Shopping cart and checkout
* Latest products, cross-selling, up-selling, related products
* Tags, compare products, etcetera
* Cross-site authentication (Single Sign-In, Single Sign-On)
* User synchronization
* URL Key integration for search engine optimization
* Makes use of the official Magento and Joomla! framework classes
* Reuse the Magento theme within Joomla! or write your own
* Allows for Joomla! and Magento to be installed on seperate webservers
* Magento API-integration in single request MageBridge API
* Ability to move Magento-blocks around with a mouse click

MageBridge goes much further than just offering user-synchronization, it brings you content-synchronization as well. There are some other bridge-solutions between Magento and third party CMS-es like WordPress or Typo3, but none of them is as flexible as the MageBridge solution. MageBridge doesn't involve database-hacks or code-hacks, it offers a clean solution based upon the Magento API and its own API.
MageBridge allows you to connect the best CMS with the best e-commerce platform.


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